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How do you do it?

Yet again, TWBrown has created a story that hits me where I live.

It's a story of shocking beauty.
Shocking, because of the concept..
Beautiful because of the style and execution.

If you like sci-fi, you might like this.
If you like vamps and bloodsuckers, you might like this.
If you want to be taken out of your comfort zone and mildly freaked-out, this is for you.

TWBrown is a writer who tells complex stories in simple language.
That's hard graft.
And, though I've said it before, I'll say it again.
He never uses two words when he can use one.

This story touched me because it reminds me (and maybe a few other people too) that death is not the worst thing that can happen to us.
Life is.

And we're not supposed to have all the answers.
We're not supposed to understand everything.
And sometimes there's no point in asking questions - you won't get a reply.
And that's OK.

Thanks Todd.

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Short and sharp.

This story messes with your head in the best way.

Vampires = bad. Yes?
Child molesters = worse. Yes?

The former takes out the latter. Good?

All I ask of a short story is that it makes me think " and what happened then?" or "how did we get here?"

Every story - short or long - should hit you where you live.
And, hopefully, take you out of the real world for a while.
This story does all that.

And I got a bonus.
It made me forget that I woke up feeling so ill today.
I am ill, for keeps.
So no big surprise there.

But now I feel better.
And I can face the day.

Thanks Todd.

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