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Ok, first time I read "The Anomaly" I emotionally was ticked off, frustrated...I did not like the story. Was it written well? Yes, but emotionally I didn't like where it took me.

The day went by, and I couldn't stop thinking about the story. So I thought maybe I should read it again. 2nd read, still the same emotion but now with a lingering thought of intrigue, why? Is there more to this story and the fictional characters before me? Is this author making a statement about something else? Is there a metaphor here? What is the real horror story? It all seems so sanitized and anesthetised to be a horror story. I finished reading the second time walked away and continued to wrestle with what is going on in this story. Several days later I decided to return for a 3rd reading.

"The Anomaly" is about something else, something horrifying, something no one wants to look at in our day and age. If it is what I think it's about, we have an insightful and very talented writer who is giving a timely cultural analysis and the horror story is not on the page but in our society.

Well done! Please continue to challenge our thinking we need more writers like this who make us want to read, re-read and consider our lives.

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