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Fateless, not humorless

What do you do when you're staggeringly mediocre and you're surrounded by a sickeningly over-achieving family and you're kind of just lackadaisically meandering through life, but then one day someone odd, slightly mischievous and kind of unbelievable appears and promises that they can give your life purpose and make you better all around, and all it would cost is for you to give up your body and self for 7 and a half days? This is the situation Kayen finds himself in just before he is thrust into the depths of Hell and is forced to navigate 7 levels to deliver a contract and make it back before he forfeits his existence and body, forever trapped while someone else leads his life.
Jae Xerrano takes Kayen on this adventure through the depths of Hell, the heights of Heaven and a few places in between in hilarious fashion. He makes you care for and sympathize with a big, red, rage demon with a heart of gold who's stuck in hell of his own volition as he attempts to cleanse his soul of the misdeeds from his former life (admittedly, this made me tear up a bit...poor Griv). He makes you smile as a succubus and a fateless start to become sweet on each other. And he makes you fear for Kayen who's fateless existence of simple neutrality is jeopardized when he unwittingly forfeits his body to a devil (not THE devil) who takes it on a wild joy ride, tipping Kayen's soul scales in the wrong direction in a truly erroneous fashion.
Every moment of Kayen's journey to reclaim what is his holds new and unbelievable sights, whether it be poor souls in hell who spend eternity trying to solve Pi or Frank Sinatra as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, every step of this ride is filled with fun and laughter, but also fear and tons and tons of hope.

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