yes, the rocketstarletta from wattpad 💖

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Pretty good start!

So far your story has a lot of potential, only can get better from here.

As the other reviews put, I do agree that your chapters should be longer, they are just a little bit short. I did also see some grammar mistakes, seemed a bit rushed but you can definitely flesh out more. During the last few chapters I did see a glimpse of really nice descriptions in some in instances however there’s room for more!

The song lyrics were a nice touch to the story, very nicely put! I do love books centered around music/bands/singers, hard to do but really interesting and different!

I wish the characters had a bit more backstory. I found it slightly hard in some instances to connect with MC, she had relatable moments but I don’t quite feel attached to her just yet as well as the other characters, though it’s only the beginning <3

Overall, good start! Definitely can see this will be a solid story if you really work on it more!

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