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Colourful, Imaginative and Alien

Behind House of Neotar's, for better or worse, familiar fantasy conventions stands a landscape waiting to be explored. This is the strength of Knicky Abbott's writing. It is colourful and imaginative and alien enough to contrast the familiar struggles of greed, class prejudice and even family conflict.

The writing style, whilst not much of an issue for me is understandably not to everyone's tastes as the flowery prose can sometimes warrant a re-read just to make sure that an important detail was not overlooked. It causes the occasional break in rhythm but nothing worth dwelling on.

As HoN is part of a larger narrative, there is lore and jargon not self contained in this excerpt. As a result the significance of these places, events and objects can be easily lost on those expected to take only this excerpt into account. That said, there is more than enough story telling here to at least make one curious as to where the larger plot leads.

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