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Thanks for writing this. I loved your style. I am no qualified critic but here are my 2 cents. I will start with the negative so that I can sign off on a positive note :). The only negative was in the plot which I do not personally like, i.e. the ending and where Vidya goes away with Sankari. I mean isnt there any poetic justice or irony that you would like to give out? Ok, Thats the negative. Here are the positives. The way you have brought out the momentary feelings and the emotions that a character is undergoing is just brilliant! The suspense factor was just about right (which made me go on a uninterrupted reading spree from chapter 10 straight to the end). The differentiating factor of the male psyche (nataraj for example) and the female psyche(Vasantha for example) was well written at various spots in the narrative. The next thing is the way you have tastefully handled the erotic situations, which was just subtle and not going overboard and making it something that was essential for the story line. Finally I really liked the way you have portrayed the progressive mindset of women according to the generation, from a Vasantha to a Sankari to a Bhavani. Overall it was a couple of hours well spent. Will i share this with my friends? You bet I will. Should you seriously consider selling such stuff in Amazon or as paperbacks? Yes you should (i am assuming that you are not, if you are, please excuse my ignorance). So thanks again Meera Srikant and my best wishes to you - Your new fan!

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