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Beautiful , stupendous , wonderful !!!

Hey !! Now this is something which I call extracting the best out of waste ( you know what I mean ) . It was kind of a fruitful bend in the road of " Aashiqui " , starting the story in your own way keeping it's essence intact is a tough task but you did it !

Starting with the characters , Ranveer , Ishaani , Martin , Claudine , Martha , each one was brilliantly penned , each having its own importance in the protagonists' lives , also leaving an impact on me too . How to stay strong in adverse phases of our life and always seeing light at the end of the tunnel can be learned from Martha & Ranveer respectively . Also how to be a good , supportive & faithful friend can be learned from Martin & Claudine.

Regarding the story , all the events which took place were perfectly sequential & in well order , Ranveer & Ishaani faced a lot of ups & downs yet it was love which gave then the strength to face all the ordeals , in fact all types of love which you presented , be it the love for a friend or a partner was wonderfully written , hats off dear.

And the title , well it was completely justified as the story proceeded , the library became the symbol of a new beginning of their love story , great , have to agree that your choice of title was unique & nice yet having its own deep , beautiful meaning .

Your description of all the places ( the library in particular ) was awesome , the mansion , the Vegas trip , the fair , parties and obviously , the library , you described the library exactly the way the place is and the way i feel being there , soulful , peaceful , calming and how it feels being in the company of lots of books .

All in all it was an amazing piece of writing , surely will make for a good read . Keep writing and best of luck ! :D

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