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A Light-Hearted Drug Tale!

Great structure and pacing. I like how the wizard's obstacles build on each other. Great jokes and the voice is very distinct, almost like it's making fun of the typical fairy tale voice.

The description of scenes was a little convoluted at times, I think more prose could be spent on describing the action-heavy parts.

I thought the Jungleman could use more development. It seemed to easy that the wizard just happened to know a Jungleman had been by, and that the Jungleman was pissed off so easily. It made the thing feel a little set-uppy. What if the wizard hired the Jungleman to infect the village? What if the villagers had to make amends with him before things could go back to normal? Just an opportunity to add another layer of complexity.

Overall, nice and weird and funny. I love Dell.

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