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Did you mean "glaring" instead of glancing when the sun hit Kensi's ring?
A page break in the appropriate spots would help the overall flow. ie: current scene to flashback to Deeks' 8th birthday.
I really like the background info on how Deeks learned Judo. As always, your imagery is quite enticing even though the topic is sad.

I did have a hard time picturing Deeks taking down Sam all of those times. I know size isn't always the key to winning a fight ... but.... Deeks slamming Sam to the ground was a challenging visualization to grasp.
I understand the not wanting them to know HOW he became an expert but not why he held back on showing his ability. For me, it didn't make sense because he is a Detective and LAPD Liaison with a team of highly skilled people in that area.

Thank you for sharing your story, it was nice to read while having an "inside day" while the sun & humidity make it unbearable to be outside.

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