Stephen Boden

Somewhere in North Devon

I'm fond of history. My inspiration from? My kids. JK Rowling, James Patterson, and not forgetting My parents. They are my source of encouragement.

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birds Nest

How brutal do you like your appraisals?
I have only read the first chapter, and did not want to read any further. as you have said you required a proof reader.

I believe that in some places we write how we speak i.e colloquial every day language. This can be used in books, but not in it's entirety. Your grasp of the English language is fair, but you need more work yourself. Read a few book written by popular authors maybe of the same genre.

Your writing requires the following

1.. Correct punctuation and their use
2. Grammar
3. Be more descriptive of characters, and the scene you are in.

The star rating reflects the above mentioned

I hope this helps move you further forward in your writing


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