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A superb read from start to finish...

A beautiful read that had me gripped from the first chapter. I quite often whizz through books & form an overall opinion at the end. With 'Out of season' I found myself reading for 20/30mins and putting it down for the next sitting to spread out my enjoyment & laughter at this thoroughly engaging read.

Set in an 80's Blackpool, [which is depicted perfectly by the obviously naturally talented author,] the story takes you on a journey in the life of a young man/boy named Tony. We get to enjoy the up's and the inevitable downs of Tony's hectic life in this seaside resort, This read will grab you, take you in, make you feel sorry for Tony, laugh with Tony, cringe for Tony but most of all love Tony & all he stands for.

For me it's a mix of [If you can remember] One Summer with Billy & Icky & Snatch ! Random eh!

A beautiful read & I'm just hoping there's a sequel that's due !

More please Author.....

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