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Brilliant. I need this story in physical form.

This story needs to be published. I need to hear the pages flip while I read because that's the sound of me enjoying and thrilled of what's going to happen next.

Every single time I finish a chapter it's either I'm staring at the wall, giggling to myself or staring at the wall, crying my heart out (but mostly crying and I was a sobbing mess at 2 am because reading this hurts so much so good luck to the brave souls who'll read this beauty!!! ).

I really love how the characters started out as kids in the story and they're so lovable. The character development is amazing that it'll make you care for them so much and find yourself be happy and giggly for the cute wonderful moments of the two fools who are in love and be sad and cry at the heartbreaking (even cruel imo haha) ones.

ALSO, the way it was written, I LOVE IT. I love the way how each of the story is told by the characters' own perspectives. As a reader I really like this because it makes you understand how each character feels.

This is the first LGBT fic I've ever read, to be honest, so this book is special to me. And I must say, I have learned quite a lot of new things and has given me whole new lot of understanding. And this is why I recommend this book to all of the readers out there.

This book has given me lots of feelings although mostly very sad ones, but it's the happy ones that's truly bliss. And this why it's beautiful. It'll make you appreciate the small happy things that'll happen in the story and most probably your life.

(to christmayoongi: i love u and yoongi!!! also i may have written this review thinking about a03 ttb haha)

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