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A fairy tale for

I am a fantasy fanatic person so I've read a lot of fantasy themed book already, and (at least for myself) I know what the 'quality' means.

The most important thing to me in a fantasy book is the world. This is very important if the writer want to create an intresting story. Nobody can be interesting with only with dialogs. The shattered glorirs series is one of my favorite because of this. We got a well built world with a lot of different characters and a lot of action.

The angels in this series are absolutely differents than the normal angels. So if you are tired of reading 'the fluffy winged, perfect creatures' novels this book will be refreshing. There will be goblins, golden deers and other mythical creatures so it is impossible to be bored :).

Esther is a painter. While you are reading her books you see everything, every little detail. She can catch your attention and she is able to keep it and make you suffer if you don't have the next book to read.

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