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My Review on Life as a Fox

Now I've already read the version on Fanfiction.net, i have a profile there under the same pen name, and have written a couple of stories myself.

I've got to say that, based on the version on the other site, it was an over all remarkable read. There were very few errors in the story as a whole. this story is one of the few that have actually elicited a strong emotional response from me (the chapter where Naruto's team dies, i literally started to cry there). Over the course of the entire story, I experienced a mixture of emotional responses, so good job there. The plot was alright for the most part, but during a few instances it felt like you veered of course a little. The ending, I felt was a bit rushed through (everything happened so fast that I felt left behind). It would be helpful to know just how much time has passed whenever you do a time skip.

Anyways the story over all was, despite a few problems really well done, In I'm happy to say that I've added it to my favorites list on FF.net. Keep up the good work and I hope to read mor from you in the future.

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