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Love you writing style as always.

So I finally decided to read this after seeing your updates on you ff.net page, which I periodically check for updates on your works. I love all your GW stories so I was interested to see how you would write something different and I have to say it's really good - though I expected it to be since I love your writing style! It took me awhile to catch on and it also reminded me of a lot of virus spreading movies, like Contagion I think it was. Its so crazy to think though how something so simple could easily spread a virus like the one you created or even others. But anyway, I felt this was detailed and the characters relatable and real. You obviously did some research on your material because it doesn't feel made up or fake. There was only one grammar error I noticed, and it was a sentence somewhere in the middle. I really liked the flow and thought it was interesting the way it started with one character, and as soon as that character 'left the scene' it would follow to another and connected them all.

Anyway, this was really good and if there is more to this story I'd be excited to read it, just as I am your GW fics!

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