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This is my first time (ever) writing one of these, so I hope I'll be helpful.

I loved how this story first starts off like a confession at the beginning; it's a neat trick because it pulls you in, makes you want to know why anyone would think the narrator is crazy, and his need for redemption. Though it loses some of its momentum during the second paragraph.
When the narrator starts to talk about Tony, however, the story starts to get back on track. The flashbacks to how their friendship was when they were younger helps give a vivid picture as to character and how much emotional damage the narrator and his mother went through during his friendship with Tony. Plus, I loved the line, "Whiskey wasn't doing it (for me?) anymore".
There are some paragraphs in the burglary scene that I think would have been rearranged so that they flow a lot better than they do. For example, when the narrator talks about being spared and burning his clothes later before he finally makes a run for it.
So, apart from a few glitches with grammar, it was an entertaining read.

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