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The Camel Slayer

This is good summer reading story, it has a good exciting plot, at times confusing, but read till the end, and you will see what Mayes has done with the story line and plot. After reading it, I was reminded of of the borne legacy movie. The writer has his own style, fresh and new, where has he been the last twenty years. If you want a good interesting story line, a page burner, you should read this new novel.
John Dorrough

This is an interesting story on the line of the 'Bourne Legacy'. It carries one from the streets of Washington to the barren plains of Jordan. A former minister blackballed by his church for indiscretions with a female, not his wife, to the affair with another female agent in the desert. Who is the Camel Slayer, you must read the book to find out. you will enjoy Mayes writing style, while finding the way he weaves the story from page to page. A good summer reading and at night.

Mayes, has a unique way of writing and his own style. This novel involves a present day possible terrorist attack across the globe. The story never gets boring, from Washington, to Europe, to the middle East. The two main characters are charming and the intricate plot brings them together, to save the world. The antagonist begins as a protagonist, reminding me of some of the great crime novels of the past., The ending will bring you to a searing climax, and a sense of relief. Read the book.

It seems that this is a sequel to an early novel. ,
Nathan Bright.

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