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A flaming good read!

"Born of the Flame" is proper fantasy. The kind of Fantasy writing that is increasingly hard to find these days in a literary world that more resembles a cocktail bar with unending "High Concept" stories that mash up fantasy elements like dinosaurs and knights plus aliens. With "Born of the Flame" we get a fantasy story that eschews the trappings of "High Concept" and has one, admirable goal. To take us into the fantasy world of the author's imagination and show us a rollocking good time while we are there. Mr Kavanagh has clearly steeped himself in the genre with the requirements (Blacksmiths, Destiny etc) all satisfied gives it a twist and all the while manages to keep things on track and breezily moving through the story. While at times, I wished we had a little more time to revel in the world, Mr Kavanagh has created, I couldn't argue with pacing of the story, which can be a real problem in fantasy literature. If you have even a passing interest in the genre, I implore you to jump into the flame and let Mr Kavanagh's heated story warm your soul. 9/10.

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