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Can't wait to read more!

Love the premise! It's chillingly realistic given our widening political divide, and the geographic/atmospheric changes make their task quite believable.

You kick off with us feeling the suspense even though we hardly know the characters yet, which is lovely because all will be revealed as we get underway with the action. You certainly aren't guilty of any info dumping.

I'm tickled by your flair for description, especially loved the two teachers with their mustaches! Also kudos for moving us right along, no logging or long explanations. You give your reader credit that we'll pick up what you're laying down. If anything, I'd love a tiny bit more of the tactile description, like what the wristband felt like as opposed to only what it looked like.

The inventiveness and foreshadowing of the backpack contents had me ready for adventure. Can't wait for more!

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