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Seduction and betraying

This fanfiction has an amazing plot. It's very different from the books, yet the author still managed to keep the personalities the characters had in the books. Your Alec and Magnus still are themselves, even though you created a different plot where Bane had to seduce Lightwood to get informations. I like your changes in the story, but I also like that you sneaked some parts from Clare's book and managed to fit them into your AU's text. The language is not perfect, but as I recall, you're not a native English speaker, so it's really ok. I loved the battle scene here, though there was too many points' of views. I think that Alec's, Magnus's and Valentine's would be enough. Also which gladdens me is that you didn't do a sickly happy ending which is very popular in this fandom.
All in all you did a good job with this fanfiction.

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