Helloooo All! My name is CJ and I am very excited about sharing my writing here. I primarily write Lord of the Rings fantiction, particularly surrounding the ElvenKing Thranduil.

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The Most Wonderful Legolas depiction You will have the Pleasure of Reading

As a die hard Leggy fan I have read my fair share of Legolas fanfiction, but Wanderlust is truly unforgettable. It takes the magical curiosity of Tolkien's imagination and appears to seamlessly meld it into a fan story that I could well believe the professor himself would be proud of. There seems to be some elvish magic afoot in this story! From the enchanting prose, to the well established and developed characters, this story literally takes you on a wild ride through Tolkien's majestic world. It is one of those endearing stories that stays with you forever, that fills you with courage and good cheer, and lets you completely escape the world for awhile. It truly encompasses its own title.

If you love Tolkien and Middle Earth...do yourself a favour and READ this story. You will be glad you did.

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