I'm a demigod studying at Hogwarts with a part time job as a shadowhunter at the London Institute.My home is in Velaris.I also have villa at Luna.Lastly, I have allies at Terrasen.Don't mess with me.

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Do you trust me?

Shameless author giving my novel a review.

People say us, writers, are our own critics which I think applies to any creator. We set out own standards really high that even when others say it's fine... to us, it can be far from fine.

Very far.

I decided to leave review here and voice those standards that I want this novel to live up to.

1) I aim to tackle a lot of romantic elements. Contrary to the synopsis, the story has multiple characters. I do say I want to try as many romantic elements as I can but will I have them all happen to the main leads?

Absolutely not. That would be way too frustrating.

2) The genre may say that it's a romance but it's a story that focuses on love which actually comes in different forms and not just the common romance we know. That's why the story is tagged as "slow romance." Romance definitely plays a big factor but with that I'd also like to send messages. To not solely focus on having a love life for example.

3) Every part has a reason no matter how insignificant a chapter seems. In the first arc, I use a bit of parallelism to compare the growth that has happened. So when you think I may be dragging the plot... read on for a bit and tell me if the MC made the same mistake twice and didn't learn anything at all from the first time.

4) The story isn't face paced for a reason. I have an outline that already laid out the events and I have found out that the flow is disrupted if I try to pick up the pace. Not only did it affect getting to know the characters but also it feels more forced and thus makes less sense.

5) Lastly (cause I can probably talk all day), I am awesome.


Or am I?

Lol, but seriously, I'm not about to tell you this is the greatest story you'll ever read in your life because even I don't think that but I do try to keep the flow smooth with some spice/unexpected things here and there. Basically, I wouldn't have published it if it was absolute trash. You can have faith in that last part.

Did you reach this part? Aww, that's so sweet! For that, I give you my blessing to have an awesome day! Bai~~

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