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Inside a Psychopath's Mind

Perhaps if Minister Frollo’s Hellfire had been performed by Marilyn Manson, it might just have been creepy enough to be a fitting track to this story.

The paradox between how Christian views the world versus how a normal person would is evident in his reminiscing of watching his neighbor return home late at night. He feels he is a watchful shepherd to a beautiful lamb, when it is obvious by Lily’s frequent looks over her shoulder that she feels stalked. The author was also tasteful in the ironic choosing of the characters’ names. Two of which are biblical. Christian references the deeply religious sentiments of the protagonist. Adam, undone and ultimately demise by a good-willing eve, and Lily, and pretty flower intended to be looked at.
The splash of ordinary dialogue, “Hey, honey! How was your day?” is oddly jarring when viewed through the coldly calculating lens of the psychopath.

The dehumanizing view the protagonist takes to the other characters is also evident. “…nearly tripping over the limp piece of meat” when referring to the first of his victims. Lily, also, is just an aspect of beauty, a piece of property that needs protecting and can be claimed. Overall, a chilling journey inside the mind of a psychopath.

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