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The Colourless review

Overall, this is a good first novel (I'm assuming this is the author's first novel, as it's book 1 of a series): the plot is nicely paced, with action scenes and information reveals balancing each other out. The main characters, Kandrina and Remlik, are well rounded and develop throughout the story. This seems to be aimed at the Young Adult market, and I think it would be quite popular with that age group. My only small quibble, as a grammatical pedant, is a slight overuse of the semicolon. Nothing a quick editorial polish couldn't fix, and it would make some of the longer sentences snappier.
I think this writer has a talent, and is well worth keeping an eye on in the future. This particular novel definitely deserves recognition, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in bookshops in the near future.

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