Everleigh Miles is an Australian Science Fiction, Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author. For more of her work, find her on Smashwords, Amazon, NovelCat, NovelPotato.

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The Artemis of the Dodekatheon Saga by J. Alleyn Winchester is a clever fantasy melding of Ancient Greek and Roman mythology with Roman Catholicism, touching on themes of racism, diversity and equality. The Artemis of the Dodekatheon Saga is an entertaining and thought provoking read for 18+ young adults.

After saving humanity from itself, the Graceo find themselves bound by human intolerance, resulting in the children of mixed heritage, the Xenoi (aptly meaning foreigner), being forced into sterilization. The Artemis of the Dodekatheon Saga is the story of Artemis’ search for truth and equality in a world where gods live amongst mortals.

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