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*LOVE* this story! Can't wait for more!

I've been wanting to write a review for this story for a few weeks now but couldn't do it from my phone so had to go find a public internet connection for my laptop.

I *LOVE* this story! I'm loving the plot you have forming and all of the characters! You're very descriptive and I can really "see" what you're showing me. That's a quality I always look for in a good book, I'm very imaginative and love to have plenty of details so that I can really picture your world, characters, emotions surroundings, etc.! I like how you show things from both the main characters' perspectives so that I'm not left guessing about how Marko feels in that moment or what Kara thinks about something.

I keep checking back multiple times a day to see if you've uploaded any more chapters! Please, *please* keep writing this story! I'm addicted! I have this story added to my reading list!

****** UPDATE 1/20/16***********
I'm still on the edge of my seat for more! I hope there are more chapters coming soon! Please and thank you!!
I've also voted in your favour because you deserve the vote. Good luck and keep up the great writing! I can't wait for more!!!

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