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I am usually put off by war stories, but this story handled the topic beautifully. John Watson's war experiences are tactfully recounted in flashbacks, and the main plot in the present deals with the emotional aftermath of his deployments. This story has made me laugh out loud in places, the main characters are just the right amount sarcastic, but in other places it made me get so involved that I cried in sympathy with John Watson. The author has a real knack for showing empathy and raw emotion, and getting the reader invested in John's fate, while staying within realistic parameters, especially concerning the deployment and experiences with PTSD. A veteran friend has described real life scenes just like these. The topic doesn't make this the easiest read, but it is definitely worth it. It's a fantastic study of human emotions after traumatic events, and it is an excellent character study of John Watson. I can only recommend this novel.

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