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In his "Traitor Son" series,Christian Cameron, under his Miles Cameron nome des plume, created a fascinating 14th century meets Colonial America with Arthurian trappings and created one of the best takes on magic I have read in years. So when I saw he has posting a teaser for a new novel here, I was curious what his new world would be like.

The beauty of the writing is that if you are a history nerd (guilty) you can see elements of 16th c technology, Byzantine history, etc, but just as with the novel series I mentioned above, those elements are used to create "the familiar" and then seamlessly introduce a unique, magical setting without the need for long exposition that kicks you out of the story.. The rules of the world just flow and you experience it by looking "through a glass darkly", so that it seems perfectly logical that there is a sorcery college in the City, that the local faith may be what you would have gotten had Christianity lost out to Mithraism and that there is some form of channeling magic. It is like historical fiction that isn't, and it is all done neatly while set in a fast-moving, action sequence that plays with the oldest of all tropes: meeting in an inn.

Basically, a clever, sophisticated take on reinvigorating an old trope and using it as the kick off for a story I can't wait to follow!


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