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Amazing retelling of FE:A

Without a doubt, my favorite amateur fictional piece of writing I've ever read. Now I say 'amateur' because Invisible Ties isn't officially published as a novel or series, not because I find his writing to be that of a beginners. No, it's actually quite the opposite. His style of writing really reels you in once you dig into the first few chapters, as it mixes the sense of wonder and adventure with some great bits of comedy in between. I only gave it a four on the notion that you might read this without playing the game and you may find yourself lost from time to time as the book frequently throws new characters and places at the same time but metallover still finds a way to really blend it quite nicely with the flow of the book. Other than that, if you've already played FE:A then feel free to add a star to the review and make a full fledged five instead.

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