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A brilliant start

This is the first book in the series, it only sets the scene for more to come. Beautiful, Earth-like nature here is alive and sentient. In a world of anthropomorphic animals, some are chosen for a mission that involves magic, facing the enemies and their own demons. While we follow the party on a dangerous journey, we explore the questions of sustainability, fairness, and balance.

This fantasy story offers a unique take on evolution, natural forces and even afterlife. Filled with so much love for flora and fauna, it urges us to notice the current state of our planet, inviting us to become the real-life Guardians.

Being a massive build-up to something that might become epic, this book is not an independent piece but rather an introduction, filled with unanswered questions and teasing with hints. Highly recommended to serial fantasy lovers who appreciate strong logic and convincing worldbuilding.

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