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A young family are just a few miles outside of their home town of Green Valley when they blow a tire and are stranded in the cold. This is the first time we meet our UNSUB - anonymous, psychotic and scary.

Then off we fly to our favorite unit of the FBI, the BAU. While they're going through their usual routine in the briefing room, JJ's husband appears and tensions rise. Leaving her husband and son behind, JJ and the rest of the team head out to Green Valley to tackle the case. They meet the Sheriff, the Commander and his Deputy. They all seem friendly and helpful at first but it soon becomes clear that they have their own dark history bubbling under the surface.

They track down the UNSUB to an abandoned mine in the desert, but that is just the beginning of their troubles. Each member of the team battles to keep a handle on their emotions as they are faced with the very real possibility that they might not all make it out of the situation alive.

And there's nothing like kicking them when they're down - just when things might be looking up, they realize the case isn't over, and the exhausted and broken team has to keep fighting to put the case to rest.

It's an exciting and interesting story. Besides the romantic pairings, it would make one hell of an episode (don't get me wrong, I love to read about various CM pairings, but I don't see them occurring in the show proper). The interactions between the team are witty, funny and realistic. The relationship between the Commander and his Deputy is a subtle one; it doesn't get a lot of screen time so to speak, but considering these two new characters are up against our favorite 8 BAU members, they hold their own and I really wish I could find out more about them, and what happens to them in the future. Maybe I'm just projecting, but I feel like there were a few fairly big hints that there was something between them...

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the writing style was great with hardly any errors which is more than I could manage in 40,000+ words. I would completely recommend it to Criminal Minds fans, and I might even venture as far as to say non-Criminal Minds fans could get a real kick out of it too.

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