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Hooked from the start! Great read!

A very well written book with very few grammatical errors.

This book had me hooked from the moment Blythe entered the Running. What's the Running? Why is she so afraid, what's inside the Running?

The characters are dark, brooding, loving and likeable (at times I was bothered with Blythe for her interfering ways but realised that is who her character is).

The description of the shifters makes me wish I was in that world, dangerous, powerful, sexy and fiercely loyal. But the shifters of this story are actually the victims of fearful and monstrous humans.

The R18 scenes could use a little more descriptive work (the word cock and pussy throw me off a little). But overall there is a love there for serious intimacy.

Hayley Bell's world of shifters is an amazing fantasy romance story that makes you want to find out all the answers and leaves you waiting for book 2.

Well done Hayley, I'm hooked in your world and waiting to see what happen next!

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