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G C Fer here, doing my review of Towards the Dawn

So the story itself is detailed and the blurb had caught my interest. From the two siblings, to Elizabeth, and the events surrounding them. I'm all in on this. The title, itself, looks very positive. I am a sucker of anything related to fantasy. I am an imaginative person and I can picture how the way the story flows through the interactions of the characters and their progressive development that would nurture them into the character that they would have to become. Since this work is ongoing, I am yet to give my full review.

So... all of us are struggling with punctuations and stuff, right? Trust me, we are all good in English but to be honest, we tend to ignore grammatical and punctuation errors, right? It may affect the informality of our story. However, I started learning about this two errors... so I used an app to check it for me. I may suggest the same, there were a few errors but they weren't as relevant as the story, which is totally amazing, in my opinion.

Overall, man, I'm waiting for your next updates. Good job!

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