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Praise for, "The Tower"

I read this entire story in the space of less than a day. The only time I put it down was when real life took me out of the zone. The MC was and is an incredibly likable individual. The book did have a "Hunger Games" feel to it without the vivid visuals of gore which I found refreshing. You know that there was the element of gore with out him describing the result of the events leading to what you know must have been horrific. The writing style was completely engaging and delivered everything you would expect from a best selling book. There were only a handful of grammatical errors in the form of missing words or misspelling, and by a handful I mean less than ten. The only thing I would change about the story is the ending. I was disappointed when the author did not walk us through the reuniting with Jenny and mom, other than that this story was amazing and I hope to see it in physical print,. I would buy a copy for my own collection.

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