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A loss is a loss

A loss is a loss, and it is tragic! I could picture the children going off to play as their parents tried to keep them innocent of the harsh reality of life!

I lost my grandfather now nearly a year ago, though we weren't specifically close, just knowing that I'd never see him made me think, why? Why must all that live die eventually. He was really suffering and we all knew it was coming but it remained painful to know, our family had shrunk, by one, especially for those that were closer to him, such as my grandmother, my aunt who had looked after him and still takes care Granny.

It is just as you stated in one of your lines, he left us only a key, but it is a key that we can use to unlock those times that we had spent with him on the farm, going out to check on the lemon trees picking litchis, smelling the jacaranda flowers that would start blooming in spring September (when we usually went visit most of the times)

This poem can reach anyone's heart that knows the feeling of missing someone they won't be able to see anymore! And even for those that value life and family with all of their soul!

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