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Bro, this fanfic is so freaking good. I think it may have changed my entire life. If this fanfic doesn't win the contest, I'm gonna be emotionally ruined. Let's see... My fave part is probably the ending, because Regina finally getting married to her soulmate literally CRUSHED MY SOUL. Gosh. I think I need to listen to 21 Pilots for the next few days, only wear my Wonder Woman pj's, and eat chicken noodle soup for the next two weeks just to recooperate from the feels that ending gave me. And you're writing a sequel you say?? Whattt?? I must read immediately, because I don't have a boyfriend or anything else that would occupy my time. Maybe I should adopt a fish and name him or her after Roland's pet beagle. Or maybe I could get a feather tattoo like Lana does. I'm totally gonna reread this entire thing and leave another dope review for you by tomorrow, just letting you know. You're my hero. And my soulmate. I think I'm in love with you.

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