Mia B. Smith

Jamaica, W.I.

Ever fell in love with a fictional man? I highly recommend.

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Death Falls

Reviewing my own book because why not.

The plot was good and isn't something I've personally read before (taking into consideration I haven't read a complete book in years). Death falls in love with a human he has no recollection of reincarnating or recording any deaths of her. She's emotionless, nihilistic and a passive misanthropist. On the night she's to die, Death saves her and they immediately have this undeniable bond. Death sticks to her like glue and she fucking wants him to. The two blossom together, discovering things about both their pasts that was intentionally wiped from them.

With love and the power of understanding, they settle past issues and flourish together. A short but sweet story that I'd personally love to watch or read all over again because this concept is oddly close to my heart.

As for grammar? It's pretty shit because I switch tenses after a few chapters, and maybe some errors along the way, but this story is a total first draft and it could've been a lot worse.

Thank you for reading if you're seeing this. I hope you enjoyed the read as much I enjoyed writing it.🖤🇯🇲✨

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