As the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, so I aspire to overcome whatever hurdles Life places in my way. Often I end up crashing face-first into the pavement instead, but that's funnier anyway.

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(Alright, I'm new to this, so you can chalk up my probably useless review to inexperience. Also, never been very good at "on a scale of 1 to whatever" stuff, so I just put five stars for everything because it was all good.)

Maybe it's because I'm so interested in backstory, but this was really neat. I love the way it wasn't just a story about how Wash used to sail on the ocean, but also a conflict because his whole family were mariners, not pilots. And how they couldn't see the stars but he fell in love with them anyway? This is a wonderful tale, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in winning the contest.

Hey, other people who might be reading the reviews! Yeah, that's right. I'm talkin' to you! If you haven't read this entry already, you should really do so. Like, now, before you get distracted by other things. It is definitely worth reading.

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