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Best romance pjo au ever

this story is the best percy jackson and the olympians au ever grammar is realy good ı only saw 3 mistakes in the entire story and let me tell you ı started reading this story moment 1 uploaded and ı still read and author is my friend ım sure ı can say this because ı see this author as my friend ı love your fanfiction and ı love the way you write your story's because you write your story with all of your hearth and let me tell ya you have A BİG hearth thats way you will be my favorite author until Iam unable to read you are my favorite writer that always warmed my hearth by responding my rewiews every time ı send a rewiew,you are the best author for me and most importantly you are my FRİEND you are the friend that always made me laugh even in my worst days thats why you are the best author no one of the best person ı have seen in my short life you will be one my best firends and and a great person Michaela :)

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