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As a reader I love diving into a story and escaping reality, so as a writer I try to provide the same escape to all who give my amature writing a chance 🖤

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First off I LOVE how the author starts off each of their chapters with a quote from one of Shakespeare's plays. Bring in quotes about love, fear, hate & passion starts off each chapter with a dramatic build up. Secondly, every time I think I see where this story is headed, this wonderful author throws a wrench in the works. As it should be!

That's right, I said wonderful author. Just because this isn't a story I would normally read, doesn't mean I can't appreciate talent & offer some food for thought or critiques. Every reader is different, hence why there is a need for many types of writers as well.

Shades of Winter starts off its readers at the front door of the lead murder suspect, so essentially you and the detectives are starting off at the same point. There is no lead up to the murder & no history between the characters, Instead the author provides flashbacks to fill in any missing blanks. In addition to that style of writing, one should also be aware that thus far the story is written in 3rd person POV. As I said before, many different types of writing styles, NONE of which are wrong. In fact, all of the above only adds to the authors ability to trap us in a whirlwind of mystery and passion. All the while keeping us on the edge of our seats.

In the end I truly only have a few comments & concerns to make food for thought. Although written in 3rd person, in the course of each chapter the thoughts of multiple characters are made know without much notice. So one may have to read a paragraph twice if they are reading fast or while distracted. The fact that this story takes place during a murder investigation means that many facts remain clouded in mystery. Because most of the characters are hiding things, I found some of the writing to come across a little dry. If the author could find a way to break into each characters mental process and emotions, I think it could add some life and passion into more than just the sex/sexual tension scenes. Other than that, a once over on some spelling and correcting a few of the sayings is all I would suggest.

I hope my rambling made some sense, over all the story is well done and will in no doubt score high with those enjoy this genre :)

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