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The author really thinks about the details in this short--how returning to England would affect Susan. The section discussing women and the New Look I liked especially. I think Susan's situation is perfectly described in that section. Women during the difficulties of the war were able to embrace new roles, and when the men came back, that knowledge could not be erased from their minds. They had experienced a new step, and it was difficult to take the step back again. I really like how the author gave me a glimpse of the reality of that era through Susan.

The passage from Matthew made me question whether she would gain or lose. Being a "happy ending" sort of person, I prefer to think she gained from her experiences. But I'm not sure that's where the author was going.

Plot exposition was absent in this one-shot, so I chose one star for that one. There were a few places where the verb tenses confused me (a 'was' instead of an 'is,' etc.). Otherwise, the author's skills were great!

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