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Supposed to be sleeping

But how could I? I couldn't put this down.
The strength of plot and characters are what I want to see the most in a story and this delivered. The concept is interesting, The pacing is well-done and it's written in a way that makes it so easy to continue on.
I want to be more detailed on what I liked about this-- the biggest thing is probably the characters and their development- well-paced, believable, and fascinating. Supporting characters fulfilled their roles well while not being over-done. I loved how easily I could paint a picture of the settings and characters too.
Also, shout out to Michigan (Detroiter here)! I've been to the Tahquamenon Falls myself, it's wonderful.
Now I can't stay awake any longer, but I hope there's a continuation for the story so much- I was actually caught off guard that it had ended. I eagerly await this novel's publishing as I have no doubt it will be.

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