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It can be hard to find the pearls on Inkitt, particularly among science fiction. Let’s admit it – it’s a genre that draws as much dreck as brilliance – but this is a genuinely well written work. The language enough was enough to draw me in: crisp, precise, and mostly free of the clichés and clankers that often mar even a well plotted work of scifi. The language is fun, for example “every eye in the room – sometimes even two from the same face – turned to look at her”. But the work goes beyond the text. The set up is also very solid, post-apocalyptic in a way that seems familiar, but also intrigues with the possibilities of a new world. The main character, a survivor who lives with a (seemingly ageless) extended lifespan enters a bar filled with character and with danger. I haven’t gotten beyond this yet, but it definitely has possibility.
The work isn’t without some flaws. The blurb is formatted in such a way that makes it hard to read, and I fear will prevent some readers from getting to the first (quite wonderful page). It also occasionally lapses into the cardinal sin of “telling not showing”, such as with the line “something had happened to the world decades before – a virus or plague, an alien invasion, or maybe some kind of twisted supernatural event.”

It also lost me in a few places -- such as the paragraph where it seems that the protagonist wants to trade money rather than sex (I think), but I’m not sure if it is the other way around --

but losing your reader is the smallest of sins if you draw them in later. I’m definitely looking forward to being drawn in more.

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