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Dark & fun

I really enjoyed this story (gave it a vote!), and I think it's one that will have wide appeal! I like when horror not only has a plot twist, but also employs a touch of psych or ethics subtext too. It was nice to see that tied-in when the little girl reveals her means of manipulation.

Especially enjoyed the scene with the homeless man, and loved the descriptions of his actions. Nice, imaginative red herring and added a little more flesh to the world where the story takes place. In general, the whole region Mike crosses throughout the story feels fully-realized without getting bogged-down in too much (story-slowing) description. The descriptions that are present also serve the plot. That's a great skill.

I found the supporting characters very unlikable, which I actually assume is intentional to contrast with Mike, who feels very genuine and real. The long searching-for-a-bathroom sequence was a great way to make him accessible to pretty much anybody, because I think everyone can relate to that experience. Good stuff!

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