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this was amazing a

hey rebornofmash this is Scorpioneldar im also a fan on where i go by this name and tumblr where my blog is Alternatively amused and anoyed by your bullshit (forget what my username is on there) this is a work of art seriously i can see the Soul eater here however if you changed charecter names i honestly believe you could sell this as a book or make an anime of it
i would buy and or watch it
i sometimes wonder why authors of your quality bother writing fanfiction but then remind myself that i had best not wonder to loud or they might stop

your fics are what got me into soma as a ship and soul eater fanfiction to boot
thank you for everything man! or gal?! if i knew which you are i forgot. sorry i have been reading this fic for 3 days and im a little sleep deprived today

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