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Jack In The Box

So, time to confess, I am here from Wattpad. However, here is another thing I need to confess. I was so hooked to this story that I finished thirty chapters (+I MADE AN INKITT ACCOUNT JUST FOR THIS!) in just three days. So time for me, the ruthless critic, to review JACK IN THE BOX.

I originally fell in love with this book because of a factor that matters a lot to me when it comes to the type of books I love and prefer to read on online sites as well as physical forms: pace.
I LIVE for the pace of the story- the way that unpredictable twists and turns lurk around the ends of each chapter and cause the reader to desire more desperately. Although at times the twists may seem too much like a sitcom- your writing style makes it tolerable enough and enjoyable at that too.

If we have to talk about the negatives- well, unfortunately, the negative for me lies in the main story: the introduction of ---- (can't spoil- but the four dashes stand for four letters!) An evil twin...... not really a fan of that idea to be honest. But nevertheless, it elates me to hear about a new chapter, because of the way ou write.

My overall rating: 4/5

Conclusion: READ NOW!

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