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Eerily similar to the real book

Well, it has been years since I read the Maze Runner books and have almost forgotten the original plot due to the modifications they did to the movie. But your plot is eerily like the original book. Of course with the few changes like two girls in the Glade instead of one.

And with your writing style, it seems point on like how James Dashner had written his books and this coupled with the perfect environment setting makes this a good revival to the story

Again forgive me for my poor memory but I think the major changes in your book comes only at the 7,8 and 9th chapters of your book and almost everything up till then was almost the same to the plot what James had written.

I think you wanted to bring out the romance between Minho and Talia? I think I would have made it more obvious earlier in the story if it were me .

But all just my opinion that's all. 😊 Anyways loved his revival of one of my favorite stories.

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