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Cold Day in Hell

It is difficult to phrase the many expressions this story puts on your face. A twist of a smile, an escaped chuckle, the occasional roll of the eye at the perfect ludicrousness of it all! Don't let the word fool you, the story is everything it promises to be, which is something you just have to read to believe. Angels, demons, sorry, reformed demons, and a plot that is just crazy enough to keep you indulging in the wry and enjoyable characters. The style and language is a bit unusual, but nothing that should be a deterrent. The humor will appeal to most people, even me, and mine lies in a slightly different vein. While I am not personally the biggest fan of bureaucratic visions of Heaven and Hell, it is all quite entertaining. The author is clearly quite at home in a world visited at least once before, and invites you to pull up a chair and join him. I did, and there are no regrets, aside, perhaps, from reading too far into the night.

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