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One of my favorite stories

This is easily one of my favorite stories, period, not just one of my favorite fanfics. There's something incredibly compelling about the way the Soul Eater characters are represented in this story; it's an inherently different setting and the circumstances that shape each character intensely different, and yet it still feels as if I know each character. There's something still fundamentally *them* without feeling out of place.

The pacing is excellent, and there's an amazing amount of tension that builds throughout the story and there are a hundred moments that make your heart try to catch your breath and just when you think you're at a safe spot, Marsh ramps your feels up again.

Everything is intense and wonderful and every time I read it, I find something new that I missed before that socks me in the gut again. Every time I finish reading, I have to sit still and process the whole experience over again.

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