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You really are talented writer, how long did you observe (or watch) about vampire things?
I think you just brought us new knowledge about vampire that no writers has mentioned (as I know) like vampire can get older but the time is a bit longer than ordinary people(?) if Hope's theory was right, haha..

I also like it when your time frame is past - present - past(?)- present , it makes me or maybe others not boring and just excited to know what happened...

I just wondering why Hope's mother know about vampire? and why Clay can stand in sunlight when he noticed that some vampire can walk through the sunlight? and why Clay interested in Hope? Did Hope has a sweet blood like vampire manga untouchable or orange marmalade or twilight? Did Hope has a doppleganger (I don't know how to write it) like Elena in TVD? or he just curious about the fact that these girl know about vampire...

Another question is... where's Edna? As I know that Clay loves Edna... So where she is now? I'm so curious and can't wait to see your update soonest.... GOOD LUCK and FIGHTING!!!

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